Our Story


How we were started .....

Our story began in November of 2005, as the dream of Pastor Terry Hawkins.  Bro T, as he is affectionately called, had always dreamed of a church where people could worship in freedom without the limits of traditions or prejudices.  Our first gathering took place under an oak tree in the front yard of one of our founding members.  We had our first gathering right there with the rooster chasing the kids and crowing as Brother "Les" Pineapple began our first Bible Study.

After a couple of weeks meeting at various member's homes, God opened the door to Russell Middle School, and allowed us the opportunity to meet there on Sunday mornings.  He also opened the door for us to meet at the local library on Wednesday evenings. Sunday evenings involved small groups in different homes.

In December of 2005, we held our first children's musical at the Barrow County Leisure Center.  God graciously opened another door for us to be able to rent the Leisure Center on Sunday mornings and evenings, as well as on Wednesday nights.  With a gym and numerous classrooms, the Leisure Center and it's staff were a wonderful blessing. We were called The Unity Experience.

In September of 2008, God opened the door to the building and property located at 231 Pierce Road in Winder.  Once we purchased this property and were cleaning and getting the church ready, our church members would ask "are we meeting at the gym or the church at Pierce Road?".... The name stuck and so we changed our name to The Church at Pierce Road.